There is a general consensus that renewables alone cannot be the only solution to provide sustainable energy to an ever-growing demand of energy, which will be faced by a 9 billion people world in 2050.


Rather, they will have to be complemented by a range of technologies and solutions able to provide clean mobility, both at city level and at long-haul range, heating and cooling solutions to the growing world’s megacities, and efficient management of wastes.

New patterns are therefore emerging, extending the concept of renewables to domains such as the sea and the oceans (tidal and wave energy in addition to wind offshore), improving energy storage as a means to solve renewables variability, revisiting the concept of hydrogen economy, introducing the paradigm of circular economy to waste management, and exploring new routes to convert captured CO2 to valuable products, such as polymers and concrete. In the longer term, the nuclear fusion seems a very promising clean source of energy which might contribute to solve the decarbonization riddle.


REM 2020 conference will gather the top technological players of the energy industry, companies, contractors and service providers to debate on the current application of the new technologies, the major technological and organizational barriers, the prospects for a wider implementation on an industrial scale.







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