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IES S.r.l. has always paid great attention to the issues of protection of personal data processed by it, not only because the subject of specific legislation (Legislative Decree. N. 196/03: Code for the protection of personal data), but mainly because the Protection of data as an essential asset of our company. It’s for these reasons that we constantly strive to provide our users an Internet experience that fully respects and protects their privacy.

Why this notice

In the rest of this page describes how to manage the site in relation to the processing of personal data of users who use it. It is an informative report published according to art. 13 of the law. n. 196/03 – Code for the protection of personal data – to those who interact with web services directly provided by IES S.r.l., accessible electronically from the address: the home page of the official website of IES S.r.l. . This information is provided for the site , run by IES S.r.l. as data processor, and not to other Web sites accessed via links. The information is based on Recommendation no. 2/2001 that the European authorities for the protection of personal data gathered by the Group established. 29 of the Directive n. 95/46 / EC, adopted on 17 May 2001 to establish minimum requirements for collecting personal data online, and, in particular, the manner, timing and nature of the information that data controllers must provide to users when they connect to web pages, regardless of the purpose of the link. We therefore invite you to read our Privacy Policy, illustrated below. The Policy and Privacy Standards used by IES S.r.l. for the protection of personal data are based on the following principles:

The processing of personal data is handled over time by appropriate responsibilities identified within the company.

Personal data is collected and further processed according to the principles of the Privacy Policy adopted by IES S.r.l., set out in this Privacy Policy. By the time of provision of data it is given a concise but complete, in accordance with art. 13 of the law. n. 196/03.

Personal data are processed lawfully and fairly; They are recorded for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes; They are relevant and not excessive in the purpose of treatment; They are kept for the time necessary for the purposes of collection.

The purpose of the processing of personal data are made known to the parties concerned at the time of collection. Any new processing of data, if foreign to the purposes declared, are activated after a new information and any request for consent, as required by the Decree. n. 196/03. In any case, personal data are not disclosed to third parties or distributed without the prior permission, except where expressly indicated by art. 24 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03.

The personal data are accurate and updated over time. They are also organized and stored so that it is given to the person the opportunity to know, if they want, what data has been collected and stored, and to control their quality and ask for its correction, integration, cancellation for violation of law, or opposition to treatment and to exercise all other rights, pursuant to and within the limits of art. 7, law. n. 196/03, at the addresses indicated in the information pursuant to Art. 13 of the law. n. 196/03 on the site of IES S.r.l.

Personal information is protected by security measures, technical, computer, organizational, logistical and procedural, against the risk of destruction or loss, even accidental, and unauthorized access or treatment not allowed. These measures are regularly updated according to technical progress, the nature of the data and the specific characteristics of the treatment, constantly monitored and checked in time.

Third parties engaged in support of any kind for the provision of services by IES S.r.l., in relation to which perform processing operations of personal data, they are designated by the latter data processors and are contractually bound to comply with the measures for the security and confidentiality of treatment. The identity of these third parties is made known to users. In some cases it may be in charge of processing the employees of other companies that collaborate with IES S.r.l. , if the processing operations take place under the direct authority of IES S.r.l.. With your consent, as required by law, and in any case after adequate information that specifies the various purposes, the data may be disclosed to third parties, public and private, unrelated to IES S.r.l. who will handle it as autonomous data controllers , as defined in the Decree. n. 196/03. Of the processing of personal data carried out by the third party data controllers our society is in no way responsible. It IES S.r.l. not assume any responsibility for:

1. The rules and procedures for handling personal data of other websites reached from our pages through links and references;
2. the content of any e-mail, Web space, chat forums provided to users.

Treatment related to the web services offered by this site takes place at the premises of IES S.r.l. and possibly at the premises of the external managers of the processing and is done by a processor assigned to the management of the requested services, to marketing – where required by ‘ user -, the activities of data storage and occasional maintenance.

Disclosure of data

The personal data may be disclosed to third parties to meet legal obligations, in execution of orders from public authorities legitimated or even to assert or defend a legal claim. If necessary in relation to particular services or products, personal data may be disclosed to third parties that perform, in their capacity as independent data controllers, functions strictly connected and instrumental to the provision of services or delivery of products. Without it, these products and services may not be provided. Personal data will not be disclosed, unless the service requested so requires.

Types of data collected and methods of treatment

The data collected are only those to be included in the contact page through a form designated for this purpose. Also through cookies technical and navigational acquire necessary information, but not profiling, for navigation in . Cookies are also used for analytical and third-party plugins whose details can be found below in this Policy and exhaustively the page Information on the use of extended Cookie – Policy
The personal information that you provide to the Contact page will also be used for the delivery of commercial and promotional information, marketing purposes by IES S.r.l.
Your data is included in IES mailing lists and may be used by IES only for marketing purposes. Article 13 of the Italian Law D.Lgs. 196/2003 entitles you to ask for confirmation, change or cancellation of your personal data from IES mailing lists. To change or remove your data, please send an e-mail to For further information please contact IES Srl, Zona Industriale Settevene, Via Cassia Km 36,400, Nepi (VT) 01036, Italy.
With the consent of the persons concerned are made with electronic instruments, analytical data navigation to improve the use of this website.

Data provided voluntarily by

The types of personal information collected and treated on site IES S.r.l. are those necessary to provide the various services provided. The data collected are processed using paper, automated and telematics and strictly related to the purposes of the processing. To provide services can be used even your telephone and fax numbers and your e-mail. And ‘therefore clear that, if such information is not submitted, you will not be provided those services that require the use of these tools. If you do not give your consent to the use of e-mail and phone for purposes of information or direct sales or interactive commercial communication, such instruments will not be used for this purpose. Specific information will be reported in the pages of the site designated for the possible transfer of personal data. Any voluntary sending of emails to the addresses indicated in this site involves the acquisition of the sender as well as any other information contained in the message; such personal data will be used only to perform the service or assistance requested. Your data is included in IES mailing lists and may be used by IES only for marketing purposes. Article 13 of the Italian Law D.Lgs. 196/2003 entitles you to ask for confirmation, change or cancellation of your personal data from IES mailing lists. To change or remove your data, please send an e-mail to For further information please contact IES Srl, Zona Industriale Settevene, Via Cassia Km 36,400, Nepi (VT) 01036, Italy.

Navigation data

E ‘useful to know that the software procedures of the site acquire, during their normal operation, some personal data (traffic data), whose transmission is implicit in the communication protocols of the Internet. Although information is not intended to be associated with identified users, by their nature, if combined with other data held by third parties (eg. Your internet service provider), could allow the identification of users. This category of data includes IP addresses or domain names of computers used by users connecting to the site, the addresses in notation URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the requested resources, time of request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the file size obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of response from the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters regarding the operating system and computer environment. These data are used solely for anonymous statistics on site usage and to check its correct functioning.

The data controller and, depending on the service requested, the leaders designated retain, for a limited period in accordance with the law, the route (LOG) of the connections / navigations made to answer to eventual requests by legal authorities or other public body entitled to request these traces for the detection of any responsibility in case of computer crimes.

The provision of data

A respect for navigation data, the user is free to give or not the personal information requested in the registration forms for services. On these forms, however, some data can be marked as mandatory; it must be understood that these data are necessary for the service requested. If these data are not conferred the requested service can not be provided, and you can not take advantage of related opportunities.

By the time of provision of data, in accordance with art. 13 of the law. n. 196/03, is given a concise but complete, and mode of treatment, the compulsory or optional nature of data, on the consequences of the failure to provide, on the persons or categories of persons to which the data They may be communicated and the scope of dissemination of these data, the rights of the art. 7, law. n. 196/03 (access, integration, updating, correction, cancellation for violation of the law, opposition to treatment, etc.), The identity and location of the owner and the person or persons responsible for the treatment. The individual shall be required to give his informed consent, free, expressed as a specific and documented in the form prescribed by law, if required by it. If the transfers of personal data take place in stages, they will be provided additions to information already made previously and required new consent to the treatment required by the Code.  Your data is included in IES mailing lists and may be used by IES only for marketing purposes. Article 13 of the Italian Law D.Lgs. 196/2003 entitles you to ask for confirmation, change or cancellation of your personal data from IES mailing lists. To change or remove your data, please send an e-mail to For further information please contact IES Srl, Zona Industriale Settevene, Via Cassia Km 36,400, Nepi (VT) 01036, Italy.

Security measures taken for the protection of the data collected

IES S.r.l. uses architectures and technologies “safe” to protect personal data against improper disclosure, alteration or improper use. The protections turned towards policy are proposed, in particular, to minimize the risk of destruction or loss, even accidental, of data, unauthorized access or treatment not allowed or inconsistent with the purposes of collection. These security measures clearly meet the minimum requirements indicated by the Legislator (Technical Regulations regarding minimum security measures laid down in Articles. 33 through 36 of the Legislative Decree. N. 196/03).
IES S.r.l. has defined and adopted a standard of safety that includes additional measures (organizational, procedural and technological) to achieve an adequate level of security of personal data that is processed in its computer systems. Activities are conducted periodic “Risk Analysis” to verify adherence to predefined standards and to eventually adopt new security measures following organizational changes and technological innovations or changes in the type of data collected. The security measures are constantly monitored and periodically checked. The subjects whose personal data have the right at any time to obtain confirmation of the existence of such data and to know the content and origin, verify its accuracy or request its integration or updating, or correction (art. 7, law. n. 196/03). According to the same article the subject has the right to request cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or block of data in violation of the law, and oppose any case, for legitimate reasons, to their treatment. Requests should be sent to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. And ‘you need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to specific addresses indicated in the disclosures made to users at the time of any collection of personal data.

Cookie Policy.

What are cookies

A cookie is a small text file containing a certain amount of information exchanged between a website and your terminal (usually the browser) and is normally used by the operator of the website to store information necessary to improve the navigation within the site. When you visit again the same site or any other site on the user’s device checks for a cookie recognized, so you can read the information contained therein. The different cookie contains different information and are used for different purposes (efficient navigation in the pages of the same site, profiling in order to send promotional messages targeted analysis on the number of visits to the site).

More generally, some cookies (called session cookies) are assigned to the user’s device for the duration of access to the site and automatically expire at the end of the browser. Other cookies (defined persistent) remain in the device for a prolonged period of time.

The site of IES S.r.l. some cookies are associated with your car and do not identify the end user; however, these cookies, stored temporarily until the end of your browsing, can be associated with your users, if you are a registered user. The use of cookies is intended to facilitate, speed up and customize your browsing experience on our, to control access to services to which you have registered and to obtain anonymous statistics on access to the site. If you decide to disable these cookies you will lose most of the customization features and some services may not be usable.

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The specific purposes of the different types of cookies installed on this site is more specifically described below.

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Characteristics and purposes of cookies installed by the site

Technical cookies:

It is used specifically for cookies allow proper operation and use of our sites. Cookies are used for example for the technical functionality of the user’s login. They are provided mainly by the servers at hosting the site in question, or, in the case of the integration of external services such as social networks, by third parties.

How to disable this type of cookie? The main and most common browsers accept all cookies by default. You can change this via the functionality on your browser, disabling – as described below – all of the function or at least requiring that for each incoming cookie will be asked explicit agreement upon its receipt.

To accept or deny these cookies provided by our server access to Statement of extended use of Cookies – Policy

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It is cookie used for statistical analysis, to improve the site and simplify their use, as well as for monitoring correct operation. This type of cookie collects anonymous information about user activity on the site. This type of cookie is delivered exclusively by third parties.

For information and to disable cookies analytical third party go to the website:

How to deny or withdraw consent

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Options about the use of cookies by the website through the browser settings

The delivery of all cookies, both first and third party, can be deactivated by intervening on the settings of your browser; it is worth noting, however, that this could make it unusable sites if you bloccassero cookies are essential for the delivery of functionality. Each browser has different settings for disabling cookies; below we offer links to instructions for common browsers.

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  • An IP address is a number automatically assigned to your computer whenever you connect to the Internet through your Internet service provider or a LAN / WAN business that use the same Internet protocols. Such as home address, where you can send other material, the IP address is used to the Web site to be able to send their pages. IP addresses are anonymous data for us, as it does not directly associated with an identified user, and are used only for statistical purposes of IES S.r.l. times to detect the access to the services provided, and for safety reasons, the integrity of this site and the same server or server farm in which it is housed.
  • Third Party Sites
    The third-party sites that can be accessed through this website are not covered by this statement. IES S.r.l. disclaims any responsibility for them. The categories of cookies used and the type of processing of personal data by these companies are regulated according to the information made by these companies.